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Please visit our LifeWays Store to purchase our book, Home Away from Home -LifeWays Care of Children and Families.  This is the most comprehensive source of information and inspiration about the LifeWays approach to childcare, written by LifeWays founder Cynthia Aldinger and LifeWays trainer Mary O'Connell.

The following are a few of the titles we have found inspiring:

  • You Are Your Child's First Teacher - Baldwin Dancy
  • Beyond the Rainbow Bridge: Nurturing our children from birth to seven - Patterson & Bradley
  • Nokken - Heckman
  • Lifeways - Davy and Voors
  • More Lifeways - Smith and Schaefer
  • The Incarnating Child - Salter
  • Singing with Children Series - Thienes-Schunemann
  • Caring For Infants With Respect - Gerber
  • Creating a Home for Body, Soul and Spirit - Raichle
  • Homemaking as a Social Art - Veronika va Duin
  • Homemaking and Personal Development - Veronika van Duin
  • Cooking for the Love of the World - Marie Fryer Wilbott

Many of these titles can be ordered from the following:
Waldorf Books,
Steiner Books,
Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore,
Naturally You Can Sing,


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