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Paradise Farm is the home of the new garden for LifeWays Early Childhood Center in Milwaukee.  Mary O’Connell, director of LifeWays, and her husband Jim have recently become owners of this historic farm about 45 minutes northwest of the city. It’s the perfect location to grow natural, pesticide-free produce for the children and caregivers at LifeWays, while also giving the LifeWays families a chance to come out and help grow their own food, care for the chickens, and spend some time in nature. 

This is a terrific blog post by Valerie Shor Perrier, who recently attended a talk by Cynthia Aldinger on Simplicity.

This interview with Cynthia Aldinger, LifeWays Founder, was published in the Autumn 2011 issue of Rhythm in the Home, an informative e-zine featuring family-related articles and activities.

This informative interview with Cynthia Aldinger, founder of LifeWays North America, was published in the Norman Transcript. It gives valuable insights into the formative process of LifeWays principles and the LifeWays organization.

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