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Embrace the Hand that Feeds You by Jeremy Bucher

Miss Mary at Paradise FarmJeremy writes: At LifeWays we encourage the development of strong bonds and relationships between the children who attend the center and their peers, caregivers, and parents. In addition to these relationships we strive to reinforce a relationship between the children and their food. Just as important as the relationships that strengthen the community the child resides in, the relationship with their food provides both physical nourishment and nourishment of the soul, as well as an appreciation for the bountiful harvests that the planet allows us to produce.

FREE to be ME! by Jennifer Sullivan

Jennifer writes: A few weeks ago during a visit to my parents’ home, my oldest daughter was working contentedly with her Opa.  I was on the phone at the end of the driveway, when suddenly she walked towards me.  Making eye contact only briefly, she paraded past me with her chin up and a grin on her lips.  She defiantly walked down the sidewalk away from the house never so much as glancing towards me—and I let her go.  I let her go to see how far she needed to go. 

Burned. Out. By Jennifer Sullivan

I haven’t written an article in several weeks, and I have been blaming a writer’s block; I know exactly what I want to say and yet cannot seem to find the words.  Several days ago, however, I admitted the unspoken truth: I am burned out.  There, I said it (actually, I just got off a bit easier, since I wrote it…).  It is difficult for me to admit when I am in need of a break from my children.  Actually, I think that may have been one of only three times ever.  Ugh, I can barely even write that sentence.  What a horrible thing to say when I am so head-over-heels in love with each of them!  However, I need to remember that it is not really about taking a break from them, but rather, taking some time for myself.  After giving so much of ourselves, each and every one of us needs time to invest in some good ol’ self-care. 

Earth, Water, Air and Fire by Mary O'Connell

I remember the crisp autumn day the well-dressed early childhood professor from a nearby university came to spend the morning with LifeWays’ preschoolers. She was impressed with the way the children played outdoors, climbing trees, balancing on fallen logs, gathering acorns and telling stories with them, as comfortable and relaxed in their outdoor forest environment as most modern children are in their own living rooms.

C.H.A.O.S. by Jennifer Sullivan

I didn’t even know I had it until someone at my LifeWays training mentioned they had caught it when their children were born.  C.H.A.O.S., or “Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome” is brought on immediately following the birth of your children.  You will find your once semi-orderly home slowly becoming untidy, dusty, and in need of some serious TLC.  This all goes unnoticed or, let’s be honest, ignored until someone decides to visit.  Then there is no time to spare and you create a fury while you sweep through the house grabbing one baby sock here, dirty dishes there, an old banana peel under the dresser… don’t forget to wipe down the toilet and the bathroom sink because they may just ask to use it…and finally throw everything extra into one bedroom and shut the door.  Phew.  And that’s if it’s planned.  If a neighbor happens to knock and want to share


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