Hidden Blessings by Mara Spiropoulos

Mara writes:  As a tired, busy mama of three kids, six years and under, who often finds herself out of the present moment, it is easy for me to get caught up in what’s going wrong, what I’m not able to do, and how tough parenthood is. In these moments, I admit that sometimes life gets the best of me. Given all that life has handed me in the past two months, it would be understandable to throw in the towel, turn on the TV, and let the kids run amok (more to come on that in a bit). Yet, then a blessing occurs, a tiny miracle happens, and my perspective shifts from what I don’t have and what is “wrong” with my life to what I have right in front of me and all that God has blessed me with. It isn’t a picture-perfect life, but rather a perfectly imperfect one.

Back to School: Another Lesson in Letting Go, by Mara Spiropoulos

For the first time, my house is feeling a bit empty. We were blessed with the opportunity to send our two older children, Ellia (newly 5) and Lincoln (my almost-4 Michaelmas babe), to the school of our dreams – Prairie Hill Waldorf School. Though this entails more financial cutbacks in our home and a lengthy drive to and from school daily, it is worth that and more to us. We fell in love with this school many years ago and now feel so humbled that our children are among those who attend. That said, it has not been an easy transition for any of us.

A Path to Joy in Parenting by Cindy Brooks and Joya Birms

Joy and Wonder are foundations of a healthy, satisfying life. To recognize, appreciate and foster a young child’s joy we must be in touch with our own joy.”

These comments opened our Parenting with Spirit workshop at the LifeWays Conference, in which we outlined the foundations for a path of joy in parenting.  We looked at the importance of self-care skills for body, soul and spirit, recognizing that it is our own inner activity that creates the possibility of joy in human life, no matter what our given temperament, karma or life circumstances might be.

Caring for the body. We highlighted the importance of structuring family life rhythmically—having regular waking, meal and bedtimes and days that breathe (that is, days that alternate between times of activity and quiet times).  We noted that to have a joyful life, we also need healthy habits for sleep, diet and exercise.

Celebrating Valentine's Day, by Faith Collins

In her blog at, Faith wrote:

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, let me suggest that you let today, the day that you read this, and Valentine's Day itself be all about love; about love, and about cherishing the relationships that you have in your life.

Gratitude for How It Is and How It Will Be, by Cynthia Aldinger

Cynthia writes: There is a “My Favorite Birds Convention” going on in my backyard today.  My “Christmas blend” birdseed is gifting them and me by bringing them so near on this cold winter afternoon.  My soul is soothed by their vibrant color, nurtured by their shapes and sizes, and delighted by their movements.  A self-invited squirrel has been welcomed in without restraint.  Even the blue jays did not attempt to peck him away.  Perhaps he is actually the convention’s entertainment act as he is ice skating across the birdbath.  Or perhaps it is just what we do, we creatures of nature, in dire circumstances such as extreme cold: we share more readily, we open up (even momentarily) to each other’s need.

Connecting To My True Nature, by Mara Spiropoulos

I am not a philosopher. I struggle my way through any philosophical writing, rereading paragraphs and chapters, mostly due to my obsessive nature and need to know, understand, and remember every morsel of what I read. I feel I need to be an expert after reading something, or I should just give up. That said, reading Rudolf Steiner’s work is a huge challenge for me, and I confess I haven’t read too much of his plethora of work.

A New Approach to New Year's Resolutions by Faith Collins

from internet[NOTE: This insight from Faith seemed so timely, that I asked her if we could post it here. The letter originally went out to the members of Joyful Toddlers, as part of the ongoing support they receive from Faith. To learn more about the next Joyful Toddlers' Teleclass, starting Jan. 27, and membership opportunities, see]

by Faith Collins:

Most of the people I know are not very interested in New Year's Resolutions; they either laugh a bit cynically, or they're against them altogether. 

Thoughts on Connecticut, by Cynthia Aldinger

By Cynthia Aldinger

Sing choirs of angels

Sing in exultation

Sing all ye citizens of heaven above

In the spirit of wanting to support the anguished families of those whose children perished in the recent tragedy in Connecticut, I offer the following thoughts for us to hold on their behalf.

How do we mourn and celebrate at the same time?  Perhaps the closest we come is when we attend a memorial service for a loved one who has lived a fully expressed life.

LifeWays as Life’s Ways: Looking Back and Growing Forward, by Pamela Perkins

by Pamela Perkins

What value beyond personal enjoyment might there be for someone in her mid-sixties enrolling in a LifeWays training, especially someone who has ‘already been there’ with much of the content? Interestingly, the answers to this question arose only in retrospect, after I had finished my yearly round of the four sessions. When the initial opportunity to participate presented itself, my immediate and instinctive response was simply, spontaneously, “So how soon can I begin?” Through attending the four sessions on the mainland, I was looking forward to re-experiencing the seasons in the fullness of their contrast after so many years of the subtle transitions I had grown accustomed to in Hawaii. (At that time, the Hawaii training did not exist yet.)

Giving and Giving and Giving, by Mara Spiropoulos

The season of giving is upon us. Christmas Eve and Day have long been favorite holidays of mine, but over the years, financial constraints and a shift in philosophy have changed my views and feelings surrounding celebrating the holidays. Fortunately, it seems our families are also on board, limiting the amount of presents and focusing instead on the time we are spending surrounded by those we hold dear. This year, more than in years past, my husband and I are embracing the “Christ” in Christmas, and working at incorporating His birth and life into our family’s celebration of the holidays.


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