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Discovering Joy in Parenting: The First Seven Years

By Cindy Brooks and Joya Birns

This valuable book for parents can increase your joy and ease with your children.  The authors are able to bring an understanding of child development based on the insights of Rudolf Steiner to questions of how to set boundaries and adapt communication skills to meet the unique consciousness of the young child. 

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Rethinking the "Pre" in Preschool

~ By Meg Freeling

What needs to precede school life for young children? At this time when curriculum is being pushed to ever-younger children, Meg Freeling encourages us to begin rethinking the “pre-” in pre-school so children’s earliest experiences support them optimally. 

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Tune In To Life: The Benefits of Unplugging the Screens in Early Childhood

~ By Mary O'Connell

Many childcare providers and parents would like to decrease screen time for young children, but are short on support and suggestions for what to do instead.  Loaded with ideas, helpful hints, and personal stories by Mary O’Connell about how she successfully eliminated screen time from her home childcare program, Tune In To Life gives parents and professionals the tools you need to offer engaging and easy-to-implement activities to replace screen time.

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Home Away from Home ~ LifeWays Care of Children and Families

~ by Cynthia Aldinger and Mary O'Connell

A ground-breaking, yet refreshingly simple and wholesome approach to Steiner-based child care, written by two experts in the field. The LifeWays approach focuses on warm, loving relationships between children and the adults who care for them...something so essential but sorely at risk in modern child care. This book is recommended for anyone who lives and works with young children, especially childcare providers or those considering opening their own childcare business.

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